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2011/03/17 07:44

To Hulu: Chez Dominique

Chef Hans Välimäki

Well, I just read a comment that my Chinese friend and MA classmate Hulu made on Facebook about this restaurant and decided to write this post to pass on what I consider to be a great tip.

Hulu wrote that a friend of hers recommended the restaurant Chez Dominique to her. A second later a Finnish friend of hers wrote her a message saying that a meal there would cost her over 150 Euros and I could guess she might have felt a bit discouraged to even walk past the place. Well, this is when my good tip takes place.

Chez Dominique is a magnificent restaurant which carries the weight of two Michelin stars, the most “starred” there is in Helsinki. Yes, it is very sophisticated.  Maybe over sophisticated for my taste sometimes:  the waiter himself  places the linen napkin over your lap when you sit. More uncomfortable than “chic”, don’t you think?  Who wants a stranger almost touching your lap when you go dining?

Oops, I lost my stream of thought, sorry. Getting back to the tip to Hulu. Chez Dominique is a fantastic restaurant and it offers  lunch menu at a very reasonable price, specially considering its pedigree.

From Wednesday to Friday.

27 Euros for a 2 course menu

29 Euros for a 3 course menu

Isn’t it a great tip? Instead of a dish for 150 Euros, Hulu now knows that she can save on beer (or Baileys, right, Hulu?) for a couple of weeks and have not only one, but three dishes for 29 Euros in a two-Michelin-star-restaurant.

Hulu, do you need company? I’ll be happy to join.