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2013/03/26 15:05

Pirkko’s back story.

The Pirkko vase was the first product I designed for Oiti, fresh from Architecture School, back in 2003. Its super simple shape hides a functional solution that consumed months of my obsessive twenties.

I was determined to make the inside of the wooden vase impermeable, without having any removable piece. For that, I added a plastic tube to the construction and had to try out – a million times – a way to permanently attach plastic to wood in a system which would allow both materials to contract and expand from temperature variation.

Brazil is a very interesting country when it comes to observing materials react to our powerful weather. Climate conditions – temperature, humidity, sunlight incidence – can vary drastically within a day. I remember leaving the office full of Pirkkos filled with water over night and arriving to a bunch of cracked pieces in the morning. I had already sold a few and had to organize a recall.

But what does Pirkko mean? Pirkko is a Finnish name, a girl’s name to be precise. I named it after a very special friend, Pirkko Kasanen, my host Finnish mother whose family welcomed me in their home when I was a 19 year-old exchange student in Helsinki.

Mother’s day is just around the corner, so if you have a mother figure in your life, Pirkko is a good option for a gift. They are on sale at Oiti’s shop in Belo Horizonte, with very special prices.


Out of focus picture, back in the day. Studding proportions, with long hair and a nice tan, before the Finnish winter entered my life.

2012/11/26 15:31

Guto Lacaz

In the beginning of this year, Oiti’s Lagoinha Cup was featured in the Brazilian magazine WishReport. Since I am living in Finland I kindly asked  Lili Carneiro, the lovely journalist who edited the spread to send me its  PDF file. At the moment I opened it I could tell there was a special eye behind the art direction. I searched for the names credited and there he was: Guto Lacaz.

I have been a long time admirer of Guto Lacaz, a Brazilian graphic designer – though architect by education  – and legend. Guto is that rare kind of professional, who seems to genuinely master a wide range of disciplines. To the international readers of this journal who are not familiar with Guto’s work I would seriously recommend a look at his website.

2012/10/15 08:43

Oiti at Droog!

In Praise of Diversity is a Brazilian Design Exhibition curated by the most respected Brazilian Design journalist, writer and curator, Adélia Borges, taking place at Droog, in Amsterdam.  I am very honored and grateful to be chosen, with the Tonton Stool to be one of the Brazilian representatives on such fertile soil of contemporary design: Droog.

Tonton stool

Anyone who has had the opportunity to experience Brazilian culture, knows that diversity is our most valuable asset and this exhibition is an attempt to create a glimpse of it.

In the curator’s words:

“The decision to present benches together, side by side, aims to explore the idea of how the same function – to sit – can bring about totally different objects. Therefore, it may be seen that indeed form follows function, but it goes even further, expressing the culture of the place where the objects are designed and crafted.”

In Praise of Diversity: Brazilian benches at Droog

Adélia Borges points out that the content of the exhibition reflect the multiculturalism of Brazil, “a fundamental value of Brazilian culture and design”.

In Praise of Diversity: benches from Brazil  [Set. 16th – Oct. 21st]                           Droog: Staalstraat 7B – 1011  JJ – Amsterdam

2011/11/01 09:05


I had the honor and pleasure to be invited, along with the Campana Brothers, José Marton, Heloisa Crocco and Marcelo Rosembaum, to  create an exclusive piece for the Club of Design Collectors of  the SÃO PAULO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART- MAM. Here is the result: OITI organizer.

Tive a honra e o prazer de ser convidada, juntamente com os Irmãos Campana, José Marton, Helosia Crocco e Marcelo Rosembaum para criar uma peça exclusiva para o  Clube dos Colecionadores do MUSEU DE ARTE MODERNA DE SÃO PAULO – MAM. Aí está o resultado: organizador OITI.

Eight cork plates with three typologies give form to the organizer. The final shape is the result of the user’s co-design through the own objects for which the piece was created: pencils and pens are the elements with which the piece is sorted and fixed together.

Oito chapas de cortiça com três tipologias formam o organizador. A forma final é resultado do co-design feito pelo próprio usuário através dos próprios objetos para os quais a peça foi criada: lápis e canetas são os elementos de fixação da peça.

The three typologies allow various combinations suiting the users’ taste and need.

As três tipologias permitem que várias combinações sejam criadas, conforme o gosto e a necessidade do usuário.

OITI Organizer: exclusively designed for the Club of Design Collectors of the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art – MAM.

Organizador OITI: criado com exclusividade para o Clube dos Colecionadores de Design do Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo – MAM.

2011/07/26 23:21

Xícara Lagoinha na WishCasa

Reconhecimento do trabalho é sempre bom, né? A edição 2 da WishCasa – diga-se de passagem a revista de design com a melhor diagramação do Brasil, atualmente – trouxe a “Xícara Lagoinha” da Oiti. Fiquei feliz pelo reconhecimento e por dividir a página com a minha patota aqui das Minas Gerais: gente fina, elegante e sincera.

2011/07/07 13:59

Tutorial Reminder Ring

Esse é um tutorial para você descobrir o seu tamanho de “Reminder Ring” com facilidade e comodidade. Agora é só pedir o seu!

1. Você vai precisar de: mão+fitinha+tesoura+régua

2. Coloque a fita ao redor do seu dedo, no ponto onde quer usar o anel.

3. Corte a fita do tamanho certinho do seu dedo.

4. Desenrole a fita.

5. Meça a fitinha na régua.

6. Passe pra gente o resultado, que saberemos o equivalente padrão.

2011/05/13 18:20

Toast it no Petiscos.

Olha que alegria! O nosso Toast it foi postado no Petiscos, o blog campeão de audiência da Julia Petit. Agradeço, mais uma vez, o carinho de todos do Petiscos.

Ano passado elas postaram o Reminder Ring e foi um alvoroço por aqui. Alvoroço dos bons!

Aos que se interessarem pelo já famoso e rodado Toast it e não souberem onde achar, é só enviar um email para ou ligar para a Oiti: 31 21272974. Te informaremos a loja mais próxima de você ou enviaremos para todo Brasil, se necessário. Como sempre, será um prazer atendê-los.

Soube também, essa semana, que o Toast it virou “best seller” da loja do MoMA e que já começou a ser vendido na Urban Outfitters. Boas notícias são sempre bem vindas, não são?

2010/05/06 16:44

Behind the scenes III!

I give up on iphone posts! Until I find out how to do it properly, I’ll use the good old computer! Sorry for those micro-images below! Above more sneak peek at the production!