2013/03/26 15:05

Pirkko’s back story.

The Pirkko vase was the first product I designed for Oiti, fresh from Architecture School, back in 2003. Its super simple shape hides a functional solution that consumed months of my obsessive twenties.

I was determined to make the inside of the wooden vase impermeable, without having any removable piece. For that, I added a plastic tube to the construction and had to try out – a million times – a way to permanently attach plastic to wood in a system which would allow both materials to contract and expand from temperature variation.

Brazil is a very interesting country when it comes to observing materials react to our powerful weather. Climate conditions – temperature, humidity, sunlight incidence – can vary drastically within a day. I remember leaving the office full of Pirkkos filled with water over night and arriving to a bunch of cracked pieces in the morning. I had already sold a few and had to organize a recall.

But what does Pirkko mean? Pirkko is a Finnish name, a girl’s name to be precise. I named it after a very special friend, Pirkko Kasanen, my host Finnish mother whose family welcomed me in their home when I was a 19 year-old exchange student in Helsinki.

Mother’s day is just around the corner, so if you have a mother figure in your life, Pirkko is a good option for a gift. They are on sale at Oiti’s shop in Belo Horizonte, with very special prices.


Out of focus picture, back in the day. Studding proportions, with long hair and a nice tan, before the Finnish winter entered my life.

4 thoughts on “Pirkko’s back story.

  1. ahhhh Pat, como sempre, suas deliciosas linhas! Eu me lembro bem desses ‘very old colored days’! que bom que voce apareceu por aqui. ja estavamos com saudades. beijocas, ju

  2. delícia começar o dia recebendo uma notificação de novo post! delícia começar o dia com você bronzeada! Mas eu aqui, quero muito é você pós o inverno Finlandês…saudade!

    • Namizinha, bom é saber de você. To de volta no norte, mas volto em julho. For good… até segunda ordem. Beijos! Vou tentar aparecer por aqui sempre, só pra receber seus comentários.

      • Jurubinha! Toda vez que escrevo fico na esperança de você aparecer! Colored era eu, minha filha! Um bronze só. Agora sou assim, cor de burro fugido. Retirante nórdica dá nisso. Boa coisa, não. Beijo pra você e pro tagarelinha do fusca, minha nova obsessão.

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