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2012/11/26 15:31

Guto Lacaz

In the beginning of this year, Oiti’s Lagoinha Cup was featured in the Brazilian magazine WishReport. Since I am living in Finland I kindly asked  Lili Carneiro, the lovely journalist who edited the spread to send me its  PDF file. At the moment I opened it I could tell there was a special eye behind the art direction. I searched for the names credited and there he was: Guto Lacaz.

I have been a long time admirer of Guto Lacaz, a Brazilian graphic designer – though architect by education  – and legend. Guto is that rare kind of professional, who seems to genuinely master a wide range of disciplines. To the international readers of this journal who are not familiar with Guto’s work I would seriously recommend a look at his website.

2012/11/09 11:23

In love with Bill Cunningham

I am fascinated by stories of people whose work I admire. There is somenthing about them that gives me the silly impression that I would learn their secret of excellency by discovering how they do it or why they do it. Realistically, this osmotic way of learning is not very effective, besides a little energy boost and an extra encouragement to work hard, myself. The commonality I usually find in every great talent whose story I come to know is hard work. So far, hard work has been the only secret.

Sunday night, after a day dedicated to thesis writing, I indulged myself with the story of Bill Cunningham, the ninety-year-old fashion photographer for the New York Times. I was very  touched by his obsession and humbleness. Bill Cunningham’s story gave me a bit of  hope that, perhaps, great work will always be recognized, even if the worker could not care less about the latest technology, for being too busy doing his own thing. I have been giving this potential conflict of interest a lot of thought, lately. But this would be,  alone, a whole other discussion, so let’s skip it for now.

This documentary is about an obsessive charismatic professional  with unshakable work ethics. Even if you are not at all interested in fashion, I would still recommend a trip to Bill Cunningham’s world.