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2011/03/17 07:44

To Hulu: Chez Dominique

Chef Hans Välimäki

Well, I just read a comment that my Chinese friend and MA classmate Hulu made on Facebook about this restaurant and decided to write this post to pass on what I consider to be a great tip.

Hulu wrote that a friend of hers recommended the restaurant Chez Dominique to her. A second later a Finnish friend of hers wrote her a message saying that a meal there would cost her over 150 Euros and I could guess she might have felt a bit discouraged to even walk past the place. Well, this is when my good tip takes place.

Chez Dominique is a magnificent restaurant which carries the weight of two Michelin stars, the most “starred” there is in Helsinki. Yes, it is very sophisticated.  Maybe over sophisticated for my taste sometimes:  the waiter himself  places the linen napkin over your lap when you sit. More uncomfortable than “chic”, don’t you think?  Who wants a stranger almost touching your lap when you go dining?

Oops, I lost my stream of thought, sorry. Getting back to the tip to Hulu. Chez Dominique is a fantastic restaurant and it offers  lunch menu at a very reasonable price, specially considering its pedigree.

From Wednesday to Friday.

27 Euros for a 2 course menu

29 Euros for a 3 course menu

Isn’t it a great tip? Instead of a dish for 150 Euros, Hulu now knows that she can save on beer (or Baileys, right, Hulu?) for a couple of weeks and have not only one, but three dishes for 29 Euros in a two-Michelin-star-restaurant.

Hulu, do you need company? I’ll be happy to join.

2011/03/16 10:46

Finnish radio: Basso

If you want to listen to some great international music and also to the most peculiar language in the world, go to Basso Radio.

Basso is the coolest radio in Finland, their programs are sorted by music style and each of them has an expert Finnish DJ, of course, as host.

Basso’s filter for every kind of music is very good and fun. About the Finnish language between songs, I am sure it will be amusing to you, to say the least.   So, have a glance of what my life feels like in Helsinki, having Finnish as sound track. Time is flying before I get to learn it, unfortunately.

Ah! If you are lucky and persistent enough you’ll get to listen to some Finnish rap, which is actually… GOOD!

Check them out!