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2011/02/04 08:26

Secret Stash!

It had been a while since a contemporary design initiative got me really exited. But here it is and I am happy .

Ruby, a Taiwanese classmate from the Masters programme here in Helsiki, presented this video by another Taiwanese designer, Yiting Cheng. The designs and the video are so well though and made. Very consistent. Enjoy!

[Thanks Ruby]

Ladies and gentlemen: Secret Stash!

[VIMEO 12850662]


The nice surprise was that I met Yiting Cheng a couple of years ago. We both took part at Designboom Mart exhibition in NYC in 2008. She is a co-founder of 22designstudio, wich designed the Concrete Rings. At the end of the Mart she gave me a Concrete Ring as a present and I gave her a gold Reminder Ring. Nice memory.

She is doing great, isn’t she?

Concrete Rings by 22designstudio

2011/02/03 14:28


Deu no New York Timeeeeees!!! Eu vou chamar o síndico: Tim Maia!!!

Desculpem, não resisti… Os amigos gringos que passarem pelo blog hoje vão perder a piada, mas eu, sinto muito, não podia perder. Olha que alegria, gente: o Toast it no NEW YORK TIMES! Meu Deus! Estou feliz.

The Toast it coaster/trivet  set was featured in THE NEW YORK TIMES!!! God!! It’s the NY Times!! I’m happy.