2010/09/15 15:22

Young Finnish Architecture!

14m2 Summer cottage



Levels. Everything is about levels. Mastering them is a gift… or hard work, of course!

This is why I love Finnish Architecture: simplicity + objectivity = beauty. This equation has been resulting into a consistent Architecture production for the past century in this country. This one is no different example and it is all packed up into 14m2. How great can it be? Great! The Architect Jussi Palva from Verstas welcomed us to his tiny summer cottage (almost every Finn owns one) in a beautiful afternoon, just a few steps from the Batlic Sea. What I found very interesting is how they re-interpreted the very strict Finnish regulation concerning the aesthetic standards in the area into this prety thing. Sorry about the girlish adjectives, I can’t help myself. Check it out!

One thought on “Young Finnish Architecture!

  1. Amorrr,
    Vc quer me enlouquecer né! eu tô quase precisada de ir pra Finlândia tbm…
    …e vi que você conseguiu colocar que gosta de mim tbm =D…
    amo vc

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