2011/01/23 22:44

Promoção na Grampo!

I am not sure if everybody understands quite well that I work in two companies: Oiti and Grampo. This is a good chance to briefly explain how it works.

Oiti is my baby, a company which I started in 2004, at 26, with a lot of passion and very little knowledge. Turned out, thank God,  passion was enough to keep me going through out my personal and professional learning saga. It was an adventure and it still is. I won’t prolong myself on describing Oiti because this is Oiti’s blog  and here or on the website you can find all the info you need about the company and myself.

Grampo is my Design Shop, which I founded together with my dear friend and competent fellow Architect Manoela Beneti in 2007. At Grampo we sell not only my own Oiti designs but a great range of young and already stablished designers. This place, located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has become the convergence point of great minds. Several collaborations took form there, since amazing people from different fields of design, architecture and art often run into each other at Grampo. The most spontaneous and delicious talks arise there on fantastic sunny saturday mornings.

Grampo is also a multifunctional space. Monoela’s Architecture studio, my own Architecture Studio and Oiti are all combined in the same place. So if we ever have the pleasure of your visit, you will see a very alive place, full of visual information: great designs and very happy people working hard on what they love to do.

Grampo is on Summer sale! It will be a pleasure to receive your visit!

2010/09/15 15:22

Young Finnish Architecture!

14m2 Summer cottage



Levels. Everything is about levels. Mastering them is a gift… or hard work, of course!

This is why I love Finnish Architecture: simplicity + objectivity = beauty. This equation has been resulting into a consistent Architecture production for the past century in this country. This one is no different example and it is all packed up into 14m2. How great can it be? Great! The Architect Jussi Palva from Verstas welcomed us to his tiny summer cottage (almost every Finn owns one) in a beautiful afternoon, just a few steps from the Batlic Sea. What I found very interesting is how they re-interpreted the very strict Finnish regulation concerning the aesthetic standards in the area into this prety thing. Sorry about the girlish adjectives, I can’t help myself. Check it out!

Welcome to Iitala’s Factory!

This was another fantastic experience made possible by Adélia Borges. This is Iitala Factory! The visit followed a great dinner with all Iitala’s designers. I set right next to the legendary Oiva Toikka, what else could I ask for?

2010/09/14 19:00

Marimekko – how pretty is Mary’s dress…

Thank the kindness of the great Brazilian Design Journalist Adélia Borges I was invited to take part in an amazing experience: to visit Marimekko’s Factory and have dinner with the designers. Marimekko’s fans, such as myself, can understand how crazy I went seeing all those fantastic fabrics being printed. Long live Marimekko and Adélia Borges!

2010/09/12 07:24

Finland. Finally.

Otaniemi Campus by Alvar Aalto

Finland. Finally.

For those who don’t know, I am currently living in Finland. My love and respect for Finnish design have, once more, brought me here. I am getting a Masters Degree from Aalto University School of Art and Design, TAiK.

I’ll try to use the blog as a tool to keep you informed and to try to share the great experiences I am having here.

To whom it may concern: Oiti design has NOT taken a  break (not even a day) due to my stay in Finland. There is a fantastic team, in Brazil, working to produce and deliver your orders. And thanks to technology, I am working from Helsinki.

Welcome to Helsinki!

Otaniemi Campus by Alvar Aalto

2010/07/30 03:04

Reminder Ring no Petiscos!

O Petiscos, site da Julia Petit, postou hoje o meu “Reminder Ring”. Olha que lindo! Isadora, minha estagiária querida que mandou a dica. O dia ainda nem virou e a procura já está insana – beijos, Julia Petit! Tá todo mundo pedindo mais imagens, aí estão. O Petiscos passou o contato da minha loja de design, a Grampo e a fila de espera por um Reminder tá só aumentado. Amei!

Essa forma de usar, na pontinha do dedo, é a minha sugestão, mas cada um usa como quiser. Uma cliente arquiteta querida, a Camila, usa no dedo do pé.

E ele ainda vem na caixinha com um post-it com a mensagem para o seu momento: “remember to be happy”, “remember that I love you”, “remember to behave” ou “remember to marry me”. Confesso que sou louca para vender um “remember to marry me”, mas até agora… ninguém comprou um para esse fim. Rapazes, animai-vos!

2010/05/06 16:44

Behind the scenes III!

I give up on iphone posts! Until I find out how to do it properly, I’ll use the good old computer! Sorry for those micro-images below! Above more sneak peek at the production!

2010/05/04 13:28

Oiti at Designboom Mart! ICFF-NYC!

Great news! I have been selected for the Designboom Mart at ICFF in NYC. I’ll be exhibiting my product there from May 15-18th.

The TOAST IT!, a bread-shaped cork coaster/trivet will be launched at Designboom Mart!

In case you have been living under a rock, Designboom is the greatest online design-oriented publication. The Designboom mart is a curated show, which takes place all over the world during design weeks, with the objective of presenting young design talents to the world. The next one will be held in NY during NYC design week. If you happen to be there, come pay a visit!

ICFF-International Contemporary Furniture Faire (Jacob K. Javits Convention Center (655 West 34th street – NYC)