Oiti is a design and architecture studio.

Our activities consist of the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of products, from furniture to accessories, and in the planning of architectural projects, which carrie a fundamental and guiding value: design and architecture are means to improve life, therefore are not committed to trends or fashion fevers. Our main goal is to produce simple, functional and timeless design.

Patrícia Naves

The idealization and evolution of the brand reflect my own experiences. Getting to know them in a nutshell might be a good way to understand Oiti’s journey and concept.

I grew up in a small apartment, where, I spent most of my time in my 4m² bedroom. The exercise of trying to make the most out of my tiny space initiated architecture in my life. In my bedroom, I managed to fit a bed, a guest mattress, a dresser, a side table and a desk. At 18, I spent a year in Melbourne, where I realized that life is much better on wide side-walks. Back in Brazil, I got into  School of Architecture of Federal University of Minas Gerais. In my first year of studies, I spent a few months in Helsinki, Finland. I was deeply impacted by Nordic architecture and design. I realized I would no longer be able to separate design and architecture; Finland and Brazil. In 2004, I founded Oiti, my product design label + architecture studio. In 2010, I moved to Helsinki for a Master’s degree in Industrial and Strategic Design at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Now, back in Brazil, I am experimenting, at Oiti, with the learnings and influences I collected in the past couple of years.